Heather Jackson


HAYSTAC (Haloscope At Yale Sensitive To Axion Cold dark matter) is a Yale-Berkeley-Colorado-Johns Hopkins collaboration, and represents the latest generation microwave cavity axion experiment.  HAYSTAC serves both as a Pathfinder for the 2.5-12 GHz (10-50 ueV) …

DM Radio

DM Radio is a Stanford-SLAC-Berkeley-MIT-North Carolina-Princeton collaboration to search for dark matter axions in the 5-100 MHz (20-400 neV).  As with the microwave cavity experiments such …


GBT Data Mining is the third major activity of the group.  Utilizing the 25,000 spectra in L-, S-, C- and X-bands (1-12 GHz) from the Breakthrough Listen’s program public data release, the group has developed an analysis methodology which is both highly sensitive and selective to light dark matter. Photo by NRAO/AUI/NSF.